Ex-Perth model receives revolutionary micro-surgery to fix Lymphedema.

I’ve seen a few different versions of my news article floating around on the internet and I have to say that they differ GREATLY from the words used in the original text that was approved to go out for the article.

Why must the media exaggerate and twist stories, particularly ones that are trying to bring awareness to important health issues, and turn them into circus freak shows? “Woman with a ginormous 12kg leg that is about to explode and ooze fluid and perhaps even eat her small children when she isn’t looking, can’t make the swelling stop and has no hope for the future!…”

I just want to clarify a few important points that these news outlets failed to mention (which were actually the whole point to my interview):

  1. I do not have fluid or liquid oozing from my leg. Nor have I ever had this happen!
  2. The average human leg weighs 9-10% of the weight of the entire body, therefore, as I weigh 53kg, that should mean that my fatty leg weighs about 5.3kg not 12kg (if we base it on 10% of my entire body weight). So… accounting for a little extra liquid, that would maybe bring it up to 6kg… okay lets be CRAZY! and say 7kg, maximum. (However, I always have weighed 53kg, even before babies, soooo…. as I still weigh 53kg I don’t know where this extra 12KG OF LEG FAT has come from!)
  3. Ex-Perth model stuck with 12kg leg after limb doubles in size during pregnancy“… Firstly, refer to point two above! Secondly, I am not “stuck with” anything. If the author had reported this properly, the headline would have read more like, “Ex-Perth model receives revolutionary micro-surgery to fix Lymphedema.” 


We are not circus freaks and Lymphedema is not a joke. Nor is it a life sentence. Thanks to advances in technology, we now have three surgical procedures that exist to treat our Lymphedema (not to cure it, but to alleviate symptoms to the point where is appears to be “cured.” We will always have a fault in our Lymphatic systems, but the physical results of that can be erased and greatly reduced to a point where both legs are normal, similar sizes).

Here is a link to a non-sensationalised article which I have found to be the closest to what I said in my interview.



10 thoughts on “Ex-Perth model receives revolutionary micro-surgery to fix Lymphedema.

  1. Ann says:

    TROOPER!! You are a true heroin for sharing your story and informing us that there are options: HALLELUJAH!
    My LE also started during my first pregnancy but I have it on both legs (although mainly on my left leg).
    OMG how I am thankfull I read this article in our Belgian press.
    I will see a specialist now and demand proper information on my condition and possible treatments.

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  2. monica Padilha says:

    Thank you so much. I had all but given up hope and sit chronically depressed and crying almost every day. its a constant reminder of my cancer. I lost everything. My life, my friends, my house, my car, because I lost my job. I agree that there is zero information out there that made me feel any better until a friend sent me this. I have been told sorry…its just going to be like that. My knee is 25 inches around. my anckle is 11-15. I cant wear shoes or pants and i broke my right foot from putting so much pressure on it and am now in a wheel chair. I see a vascular surgeon at Stanford tomorrow so i pray for good news. thank you for sharing your story. you have no idea the impact this has had on me. forever grateful!

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    • lymphosaurusrex says:

      Thank you so much for this message Monica. I felt the same way when I discovered, randomly through someone on Instagram, that surgeries existed to treat this. If my leg was really huge, then I wouldn’t hesitate to have the liposuction surgery because this is an instant fix (even though you need to wear compression stockings forever, but we have to do that anyway right??!)… Gosh I hope you get some answers at your appointment tomorrow. Keep me updated? Would you consider surgery to fix your leg? x


  3. Angela says:

    I worked with a doctor in Taiwan before and he is the only one who can do operation to cure such illness. He studied and worked in USA for long time so it is fine for you to communicate with him in English. First link is his info, second one is the news report. Maybe you need to find a way to translate the info into English.
    Or you can contact him by using hospital e-mail address: ims@wanfang.gov.tw
    I hope it can help you.


  4. Gloria Gonzales says:

    Finally somebody is showing what it feels like to have lyphedema in their lower extremities. I have it as well and I did get treatment for it I did not have the option of surgey, but it was the best thing to do for me. I happen to be a diabetic type 2 so treatment was better. It makes wonder why your treatment did not wrap your toes as well. My treatment included a kind of mummy bandage like a sandal on my toes and it really worked. My feet looked like a freshly baked loaf of bread. Now they look normal.

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  5. Sherrie Jankowski says:

    I have been suffering from lymphedema for 30+ years, and have done all the wrapping and therapy and wearing of compression garments. Your article has brought me some hope that there is maybe something that could help me. I contacted a Doctor in my area, and he felt I would be a candidate for the surgery, but I need to lose about 20 -25 lbs first. I am trying my best to get my weight down, because I can’t take the pain and uncomfortable feelings in my leg. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope I will be able to share a success story like this one day.


  6. Katrina Jauregui says:

    Thank you for sharing, you’ve no idea who and how many you are touching!! It’s funny because I went to Australia for a venous anastomoses surgery in Melbourne about 22 years ago. It was a very new concept surgery they performed there and in Russia only. Mr. (Dr.) Wayne Morrison was my surgeon but didn’t end up doing the surgery just removed a lot of fatty tissue (they called tumor but wasn’t ) Love the medical advances and so glad your surgery was a success! Took 14 for me!! Diet and exercise have definitely helped keep it under control. Now for those bone-eating cysts in my body …


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