All day, every day. From the moment I jump out of bed until I go to sleep, I wear my compression garments. These are hyper important. If you don’t already have proper compression garments GO AND GET SOME! Do not delay! It’s not even a question if you should be wearing them because the answer is YES.

It’s very important that you are measured by your doctor or physiotherapist and wear personalised garments- not “off the shelf” products. This will help give you the best compression possible. For years I was wearing the wrong stockings (as I had no guidance from my doctor or physiotherapist!). After speaking with fellow Lymphies (on Instagram), I stepped up my compression game and changed to the brand ‘Jobst.’

One of the first (and most important) things to know about Lymphedema compression is how the garment is made: Flat Stitch VS Circular Stitch. Flat Knit is generally recommended as best for patients with Lymphedema.

What I wear:


As of today (21st Jan 2017), I am wearing multiple layers on my leg during the daytime. The reason is because I need some extra support in my calf and ankle (the areas I see most of the swelling). It’s a temporary measure that I will stop as soon as I reduced the swelling in my ankle and calf and order some smaller compression garments.

How I put my day time garments on:

Toe cap -> malleotrain ankle support -> thin knee high stocking -> Jobst Flat knit (full length stocking).

During the night, I wear my Jobst relax garment // or// bandage // or // wear nothing! Our skin needs to breathe sometimes, so I usually let it be “in the nude” twice a week.

The Jobst relax garment is really, really comfortable in terms of night time compression. You can read my full review of it here.

In the past year I have learnt a lot about compression garments, thanks to the kind folk at BSN Medical. Their consultants are highly trained in compression wear and provide really good service and advice. If you are struggling to find a caregiver that can equip you with proper compression wear, then I encourage you to contact BSN Medical. They can find a representative in your country to help measure you properly and find the right garments for you.