Diagnostic Scans

Below is an outline of the tests I have had done to diagnose my Lymphedema.

MOST RECENT SCAN (18th April 2016):

WHAT: Lymphatic MRI of the lower limbs. (Note: a research video I watch (dated 2010) explained that this type of MRI is not available in the USA– maybe it is available now in 2016 but this needs to be clarified).

AREAS: Right and Left Leg/ Groin/ feet

RESULTS: Confirmation of lymphedema in the left leg, from the ankle to mid-thigh. Asymmetry between left and right sides- left side has significantly less lymph nodes than normally present. No abnormality detectable above or below left knee in the lymphatic vessels. Most likely congenital in nature. No noticeable lymphedema in the right leg.



WHAT: Lymphoscintigraphy (November 2014). 

Lymphoscintigraphy is now the primary imaging modality used in determining a diagnosis in patients with suspected extremity lymphedema.

AREAS: Left and right legs

RESULTS: The left limb presents a disfunction in the lymphatic drainage. Most likely in the deeper lymphatic vessels.