My JOBST Relax Story!


Night compression is a topic that is poorly understood and rarely talked about. It’s an area of my personal lymphedema management that has become increasingly important and without it, my leg wouldn’t be as good as it is today.

I recently attended the ILF Conference in Rotterdam this week (I’ll blog about that soon!) and I had the privilege to meet a lot of specialists in the area of compression who had a LOT of interesting information to share on the topic. Basically, the process of lymphedema doesn’t just stop when we lay down and go to sleep at night. Those capillaries keep leaking fluid and it keeps invading our tissues- which is why we must compress over a 24 hour period.

Yes, it sounds scary to have to wear compression 24/7… But I promise you it’s not! It’s something that (if you get it right!!!!!) can easily be integrated into your lymphedema management. I sleep every night with compression on my leg and it’s rare that I wake up to rip it off or in pain. It just takes PRACTISE and PATIENCE to get it right!! I’ll also write more about this later.

For now, I’d love to leave you with a look at a video I did last year with JOBST – discussing the benefits of night compression in my LE routine. Enjoy!

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