Yes, bandaging sucks. It’s just so practical to wear a 4cm thick bandage that goes from the end of my toes to my hip… NOT! Aside from the inconvenience and discomfort of bandaging, it does work.

There is a proper wrapping technique to follow when bandaging for Lymphedema. There are many sites that have good resources (see the links at the bottom of this page).

Here are the basic materials I use when bandaging my leg:


I recently made a video that demonstrates how I bandage my leg. Other people’s technique may differ slightly to how I bandage my leg, but this is the way that works for me. I’m always learning new things about Lymphedema management, so if you have any tips or secrets to share on bandaging please comment on the video (through YouTube).


Things I have tried but didn’t work out:

Something new which I tried was the Circaid Reduction Kit. I persisted with this but in the end I stopped using this product because it made my ankle and foot swell more than usual. I have however heard really good things about the Circaid Boot which people wear at night. I bough the Circaid Reduction Kit because it was easy to put on and off with the velcro tabs, but like I said before, it unfortunately didn’t work well for me.

Bandaging Links:

How to self-bandage your leg(s) and feet to reduce lymphedema (swelling)

Some videos showing the technique:


This is a really long video but it shows the whole process of the “vodder technique” massage. A lot of therapists don’t do this whole body massage, they just focus on the problem area (leg or arm)… but this is considered as the “proper” way to do a lymphatic massage.

Basic materials for bandaging:
Cotton sock (this one doesnt slip, so its good):
Cotton sock option two (plain cotton, may slip a bit which is really annoying!):