Heya! It’s guest speaker time for this lymphie in Paris next weekend!

I’m excited to be a guest speaker next weekend (7th April) at an upcoming event hosted by Orthopedie Meyrignac in Paris called, ‘Autour du Lymphoedeme’. This patient-focused day provides an opportunity for people to meet face-to-face with doctors, therapists and experts to learn about the latest techniques and advances in the management of lymphedema. It’s also a chance to meet other patients that live with LE, share tips and hear positive stories.

The day will include presentations from some of France’s leading lymphedema doctors, plus workshops given by the top lymphedema therapists including self manual lymphatic drainage sessions, bandaging workshops and also a fitness session on the benefits of Nordic Walking for LE.

For my part, I plan to speak about two main topics:

  1. The cornerstones of my lymphedema management
  2. The power of social media for educating and improving patient outcomes

Orthopedie Meyrignac was established in 1878 (can you believe it?!) and is now in its 5th generation of leadership, with Caroline Meyrignac leading the company. They specialise in Orthopedics (medical compression, external breast prostheses, medical belts, clothing and specialised sports products). What I really appreciate about this kind of company is that they are not just in it for the business- they genuinely care about their customers and show this by investing in their overall well-being. By hosting this information day, they are helping lymphedema patients to learn more about their condition so that they can better manage certain elements of their care. This gets two big thumbs up from me.

Aside from my speaking role, I’m going in as a sponge- to absorb as much information as I can and to bring it back to the LE community through my blog, Instagram and of course My Lymph. I’ll even try my filmmaking skills and make a little youtube video (if time permits!)

For those of you who will be attending the day, I really look forward to meeting you all and discussing all things lymphedema! For everyone else who follows this blog, stay tuned for a debrief in the weeks to come.

Sarah x