Day 2 Post- Op

Well its the second day post-op and I am feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself. When I left the hospital they gave me a prescription for pain killers and waterproof bandaids/ dressings- but the pain killer they gave me was paracetamol! Like nothing else! I take that stuff for head aches!

So last night I ended up calling the hospital because I was in so much pain and they put me through directly to Dr Becker (11pm at night by this stage)… She emailed me through another prescription for something a bit stronger to take. Let’s just say that I passed a pretty sleepless night and was happy to get the stronger medications this morning.

I also woke up at 5am with some very sharp pains in my lower leg/ calf area. I had to rip all the bandages off because it hurt so much. I actually cried out in pain at one stage because they were coming as random shooting pains and I wasn’t expecting that. My leg was also numb on the outer side of my calf and around my ankle. I emailed Dr Becker immediately and told her I would call her at a more reasonable hour (not at 5am!) to check that this was all normal. I fell asleep again and woke around 7am, checked my emails, she had already replied saying that it was normal because she had to touch a nerve in my leg during the surgery, so the areas of numbness and pain I described were because of that. She also said I could see her this afternoon if I needed to, but I told her I was okay and stuck to our original post-op review for Saturday morning.

When I took all the bandages off my leg at 5am, I was in shock for another reason- my leg was SO SOFT and has already decreased in size. My foot/ankle area is still swollen, but then between my ankle and my knee, the skin is soft again and dramatically decreased in size. Above my knee up to my hip is very swollen and looks terrible. I gather that the fluid has been sucked out from my calf and is all in my upper thigh now… so the nodes are definitely working.

I’m sure that my leg will go up and down from this point on. I don’t expect that it stays drained/ fluid free, I know there will be good and bad days as things settle down. But the immediate results are good so far. I’m laughing at my reflection in the mirror because the liquid in my upper thigh is making my booty look huge (because I have a flat pancake ass anyway), so I’m loving these new curves even if its only on the left side of my body! Maybe the liquid can stay in my butt region, I wouldn’t mind a little junk in zee trunk as they say.

My arm/ shoulder is still really sore and I can’t move it much. I was really visualising myself jumping on the scooter to go see the physiotherapist tomorrow for my first MLD… but I think I’ll be taking a taxi instead. I always tend to over estimate my physical abilities post- surgery! What an idiot!

Anyway, all is going well so far. Just missing my babies and husband and “home.” 🙂