Proactive treatment needed for lymphedema patients.

Here is a short journal article called Proactive treatment needed for lymphoedema patients which I found on this website:

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The article is straight to the point and asks a very important question:

Why don’t healthcare systems contribute to early assessment, intervention programmes and screening? Surely, early detection means early reaction, resulting in better outcomes and reducing the time and costs for patients and the system?

To me, the main reason why so many lymphoedemas are still present seems linked to our tendency to focus on reactive health care despite claiming otherwise: ‘Let’s wait and see what happens’. Sure, let’s wait for the symptoms to get worse before we do something — reactive health care, is that the best for our patients?

The evidence for early detection is so strong, there is little argument to be had. So the question now is, where do we start to make this happen?

Just some food for thought.