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Lymphedema is a chronic debilitating disease that is frequently misdiagnosed, treated too late, or not treated at all. There is a good body of literature to suggest that the earlier you recognise and treat Lymphedema, the more you can prevent its progression and the more you can prevent the end consequences of having Lymphedema. – Dr. Stanley Rockson of the Stanford University School of Medicine.



Overview of Surgical Treatment for Lymphedema. (Dr David Chang)

Lymphedema- New and Emerging Treatments (Dr Stanley Rockson) 5 part video.



United Kingdom

Karri Lymphoedema Clinic (surgeon):


Dr Guido Giacolone (surgeon): 


Macquarie University Hospital

The Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA).



Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic (Intensive MLD, bandaging treatment centre):


Canadian Lymphedema Framework:


Dr Corinne Becker (Surgeon):

Dr Luc Rotenberg (Specialist for Lymphatic MRI):

A centre that does genetical testing(to identify the type of lymphedema you have):


United States

Dr Jay Grascow (surgeon):

Dr David Chang (surgeon):

National Lymphedema Network:

Lymphatic Education and Research Foundation (LEARN):



Lymphedema Imaging

The imaging is extremely important. The isotopic lymphangioscintigraphy can show the remaining lymph nodes and the uptake, but the informations obtained by lymph MRI are much more clear. They are showing the absence of connections of vessels and nodes, but also the remaining pathways witch can be used.