Circular Knit Compression Stockings (off the shelf)

Circular-knit compression stockings, like regular ladies’ nylons, are knitted on a cylinder and have no seam. The same number of loops per row is used over the whole length of the stocking. Circular knitting is primarily suitable for manufacturing support stockings, stockings for prophylaxis, and Class 1-3 compression stockings. Seamless circular-knit stockings can be made finer/thinner and cosmetically more attractive than stockings produced by flat-knitting.

Flat Knit Compression Stockings (custom made)

Compression stockings produced by flat-knit machines are knit row by row, following a knitting pattern. Flat-knit stockings can be produced in almost unlimited shapes and sizes in accordance with the presented anatomical shape, and can also be made to fit extreme deformities. This flat-knit process is suitable for custom-made products, especially for higher compression classes (3 and 4). Because of their perfect fit, the stockings (when measured correctly) deliver a precise level of compression, as well as a pressure gradient, even for extreme body shapes. Flat-knit stockings are thicker and have a seam.


  • Autologous Lymph Node Transplantation (ALNT)
    • Stands for Autologous Lymph Nodes Transplantation, a surgical procedure where healthy lymph nodes from a donor site are transferred to the lymphedema affected area to reconstruct the damaged lymphatic system.
  • DIEP
    • A DIEP flap is a type of breast reconstruction in which blood vessels called Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators (DIEP), and the skin and fat connected to them are removed from the lower abdomen and used for reconstruction. Muscle is left in place.
  • Flap
    • Flap surgery is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and moved to a recipient site with its own blood vessels.
  • Iatrogenic
    • Relating to illness or caused by medical examination or treatment
  • Lumpectomy
    • Also called ‘breast conserving surgery’ or ‘partial mastectomy’ it is a partial removal of the breast.
  • Lymphoscintigraphy
    • Lymphoscintigraphy is an imaging technique used to map the lymphatic system. It involves injecting a contrast product.
  • Mastectomy
    • Surgical removal of the whole breast.
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