VIDEO: Dr Corinne Becker and VLNT

Hey Folk,

I wanted to share this great little video that has been made about Lymph Node Transfer and follows two specific patients of my surgeon, Dr Corinne Becker.

The results of the young girl speak for themselves. Truly incredible. I’m not suggesting that everyone will have this same result following a LNT, because we won’t. We are all different, our bodies are different, but it’s not to say we can’t have similar results.

A few points I want to highlight from this video are:

  • Lymph Node Transfer is possible in 98% of patients with Lymphedema
  • They take fatty tissue with with three or four lymph nodes attached as well as an artery and vein ensuring blood supply to the nodes.
  • The whole unit is transferred to the area of the body where the lymph nodes no longer function- Just like they do in a finger transplant.
  • The lymph nodes don’t know they have been moved so they continue working.
  • They pump out the liquid and create new lymphatic channels at the same time.