New night garment- Jobst Relax.

Wearing a compression stocking 24/7 is generally the pits. Anyone with Lymphedema can vouch for that. Day compression is different to night compression, which can present various issues for those of us still trying to figure this whole darn lympie life shizzle out.

For me, night time compression has been a real pain in the butt. Sometimes I wear my daytime compression stocking (but that gets uncomfortable and I rip it off during the night), sometimes I bandage (again, uncomfortable and gets ripped off in a 3am melt down when I just cant handle the discomfort any longer) and sometimes I sleep without anything on. Trying to find something that is 1) comfortable and 2) has sufficient compression ie: not too tight but not too loose, has been a challenge.

So when the moment comes that we find something that is actually really comfortable and doesn’t suck, we must share this information! Welcome to my life, Jobst Relax.

You can read more about the technical information here on the Jobst website, but there are three main points which are important for me:

  1. Very lightweight, flexible material which makes it really comfortable to sleep in.
  2. Flat-knit stitch- which is recommended as the best type for lymphedema patients.
  3. The texture of the stocking is interesting- it has a foam layer (kind of like the mobiderm product but its very thin). It feels spongy  and has a micro-massage effect to help stimulate the lymph flow.

My leg always feels much softer in the mornings when I sleep with it on. I generally leave it on during the mornings when I’m getting ready for work and then dress in my regular daytime compression when I leave the house. Before I felt a real pressure to chuck my daytime stockings on asap, but this is pretty easy to simply jump out of bed with and potter around the house in.

It is a bit warm in temperature, but its not something that is uncomfortable for the moment. I wonder how it will be for the summer months next year, but when you think about it- what actually is comfortable to sleep with during summer?! The product information explains that the stocking is:

made with COOLMAX® yarns and advanced knitting techniques to increase breathability, providing a cooling effect for high patient comfort.

So fingers crossed for 2017 summer months!

I’ve had a few people ask me already where they can order the Jobst relax from and I’ve suggested that they contact either their physiotherapist or Lymphedema care specialist to ask for more details. I ordered mine directly through BSN Medical so this is another option for those who are interested.


12 thoughts on “New night garment- Jobst Relax.

  1. Martin says:

    I have the leg like you! Im from argentina, my english is very poor, but finding corine becker information I find this blog. Congrat….I like your blog and the way yoy tell your story.


  2. Maria says:

    Thank you for this information. My son is 14 and was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with primary of the right leg. The challenge is summer months where he refuses to wear his compression stocking as it will be seen under his shorts which embarrasses him. This will give him additional support at night


  3. Janine Leitch says:

    Hi there, I am interested in getting the Jobst Relax for another addition to my night compression for my leg. Right now I am using the Solaris Tribute but would like to try the Relax. How are you finding it? Does it really help with the swelling during sleep? I like the Tribute but it is somewhat bulky and thought maybe the Relax would be less bulky and better to fit it in a suitcase when travelling. What are your thoughts on the Relax???


    • Lymphosaurus Rex says:

      Hey! I personally really love the Relax and find it does help with the swelling during the night. My current Relax is too big for me because I had a reduction in size following my surgery, so I am still using it but bandaging on the outside (which works great!). When it fits properly, I also wear my ankle support underneath as this helps to compress the ankle area more during the night. Toe caps also go on because otherwise, my foot swells! Its really not bulky and folds flat into a suitcase, so its easy to travel with. Maybe I think most people who follow me on here know Im a little bit obsessed with this night garment haha 🙂 but it lives up to the expectations. My only negative point would be that it isnt as tight up the top and used to slip down on my thigh area (the calf was always well compressed)… but I believe this has been improved in recent designs. Hope that helps!


  4. tobygirl57 says:

    Hello! Thanks for creating such a great resource for all of us lymphies. It really helps to have a sense of community. I just purchased the jobst relax thigh high and I’m so disappointed. It won’t even stay in place when I wear it to bed. When I’m up and about with it on, it’s almost down around my knee! It is a major disappointment. I have emailed Jobst about it, but haven’t heard back yet. Am I expecting too much from this garment ? When your garment fit properly did it stay in place?


    • Lymphosaurus Rex says:

      Hey there! Oh man, I hate hearing stories like this!! I know the problem you are having with the Relax because I had this with my first garment. It was slipping down, to my knee but completely okay on the bottom area. Jobst are aware of this issue because many people have reported it, so in newer garments I would have assumed that the design issue has been fixed. I have a new garment myself (since about 2 weeks) and its HEAPS better than my first one. It stays up and only slightly loosens around the knee by morning (and automatically goes back into shape for the next night of wearing). If anything, it sounds to me like your garment might be a bit too big- which is why it’s slipping so badly. When I was measured for this new garment, we made sure it was extremely accurate and even a bit “tighter” on my upper thigh. I think the Relax is an awesome garment, when you get it fitting properly, so wait for the reply from Jobst and see what they say– I would insist that its not measured properly and that its too big!! Can you see someone directly from Jobst in your area? They might be better to see in person because they know the product well.


      • tobygirl57 says:

        I did contact Jobst directly and they also think that it isn’t fitted properly. I had to change fitters for my latest compression garments and I don’t like the way any of the garments fit that he measured me for ! Everything has to be refit; it’s so frustrating !! I am hopeful that i can get the fit issue resolved, because I really do love the way the relax feels. I could never get through an entire night wearing the Solaris Tribute, but I can sleep all night wearing the relax.Thanks for the input !

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