New night garment- Jobst Relax.

Wearing a compression stocking 24/7 is generally the pits. Anyone with Lymphedema can vouch for that. Day compression is different to night compression, which can present various issues for those of us still trying to figure this whole darn lympie life shizzle out.

For me, night time compression has been a real pain in the butt. Sometimes I wear my daytime compression stocking (but that gets uncomfortable and I rip it off during the night), sometimes I bandage (again, uncomfortable and gets ripped off in a 3am melt down when I just cant handle the discomfort any longer) and sometimes I sleep without anything on. Trying to find something that is 1) comfortable and 2) has sufficient compression ie: not too tight but not too loose, has been a challenge.

So when the moment comes that we find something that is actually really comfortable and doesn’t suck, we must share this information! Welcome to my life, Jobst Relax.

You can read more about the technical information here on the Jobst website, but there are three main points which are important for me:

  1. Very lightweight, flexible material which makes it really comfortable to sleep in.
  2. Flat-knit stitch- which is recommended as the best type for lymphedema patients.
  3. The texture of the stocking is interesting- it has a foam layer (kind of like the mobiderm product but its very thin). It feels spongy and has a micro-massage effect to help stimulate the lymph flow.

My leg always feels much softer in the mornings when I sleep with it on. I generally leave it on during the mornings when I’m getting ready for work and then dress in my regular daytime compression when I leave the house. Before I felt a real pressure to chuck my daytime stockings on asap, but this is pretty easy to simply jump out of bed with and potter around the house in.

It is a bit warm in temperature, but its not something that is uncomfortable for the moment. I wonder how it will be for the summer months next year, but when you think about it- what actually is comfortable to sleep with during summer?! The product information explains that the stocking is:

made with COOLMAX® yarns and advanced knitting techniques to increase breathability, providing a cooling effect for high patient comfort.

So fingers crossed for 2017 summer months!

I’ve had a few people ask me already where they can order the Jobst relax from and I’ve suggested that they contact either their physiotherapist or Lymphedema care specialist to ask for more details. I ordered mine directly through BSN Medical so this is another option for those who are interested.