My story in the press…

Morning everyone 🙂

My email and instagram (@lymphosaurusrex) have been going a bit crazy this morning since an article was released in the Daily Mail about my Lymphedema Story. It makes me nervous to share my story internationally (and go beyond the safety of our little LE community here  and on Instagram!) but in order to raise awareness about our condition we must be willing to take a risk and SHARE information.

Lymphedema is a very mistreated and misunderstood pathology (by doctors and the community at large), so by raising awareness of the condition we can help instigate more research, better treatments and ultimately a cure. I mean, we sent a man to the moon- how hard can it be to find a cure for Lymphedema?!

If you have found my blog thanks to the recent news articles, please find me and connect on instagram @lymphosaurusrex . There is a huge community of people who suffer from this condition that are sharing vital information and supporting each other through the daily battles of LE life.

Please share with your friends and family to spread the word further about Lymphedema!


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