Day 1 Post-Op

Howdy folks,

It’s been a busy 24 hours but I’m pleased to report that the VLNT went very well and I am already back home resting a recovering. I was scheduled to stay two nights in the hospital but Dr Becker said I was okay to go home after the first night… so here we are!

So where to start? Well, I guess there isn’t much to say about the actual operation itself other than it was a success, everything came out/ went back in easily. Dr Becker said she was very happy with the surgery and that it was now just a waiting game for the results to start appearing. She said that within about 2 weeks I will start to see some changes, but for real results it will take up to one year to have a proper idea of how things are going. The reason for this is that it takes time for the lymph nodes to start working properly, to attach properly, to create new pathways for the fluid to travel through.

In terms of pain, I must admit that I’m pretty sore on my left side! They took the lymph nodes out from my back area (below the breast/ side of my chest/ back area?!)… and put them in above my knee. These two sites are pretty sore and they only gave me paracetamol as a pain killer so I am wondering why I don’t have something stronger for the pain to be honest. Anyway, the MOST painful thing is my shoulder and left arm. Let me explain why.

During the operation they strapped my left arm in a weird position so that they could harvest the lymph nodes properly and not cut any other tissues in the area that they shouldn’t. I’m guessing my arm was stretched A LOT and left in this position for the whole surgery because when I woke up from aesthetic I was in shocking pain. They gave me as much morphine as they could but it literally did nothing. Not a single thing to relieve the pain. I was bawling my eyes out like a big sissy but trying to keep it together, but damn, it was excruciating pain. The nurses called the doctors to ask if I could have a muscle relaxant but they said no (I guess this would have effected the surgery site somehow, which is why they said no)… Anyways, I was crying like a baby, and can I just tell you- I’ve given birth naturally twice with zero epidurals, 100% drug free… but THIS was another level of pain my friends. I was sure they dislocated my shoulder or ripped a muscle or something.

Today (the next day after surgery) it’s still really sore, so I will just keep an eye on it and hopefully it gets better.

My leg is looking pretty fat and more swollen than usual up the top part, but this is normal surgery swelling. I’ve just been sliced and diced! Of course there is inflammation, but its just not nice to see when you already have a Lymphie Fatty McFatster leg to start with.

I’m going to write a second blog in a while that details the discussion I had with Dr Becker after my surgery. I had a million questions to ask her and she gave me some good information which I want to share with you all.