Oui Oui, Paris.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s with a mixture of great pleasure, excitement and nerves that I blog to you tonight. It’s the evening before my VLNT operation and I am totally ready to be sliced and diced by Professor Becker.

I arrived in Paris this afternoon and have already made myself quite at home at my mother-in-laws apartment: chinese take-away, chocolate, no make up, pants off… The usual stuff! It was a rather interesting trip getting here, as far as one hour flights go. Firstly, when going through security at Nice Airport, the metal detector beeped because of the little metallic clips that hold my bandage together. The lady at security asked me if I could take my bandage off and I was like HA! lady, listen, first of all you don’t wanna see what’s under that bandage because its UGLY trust me… and Secondly no, I cannot take it off because it’s simply a ridiculous request. I was escorted to a private room so that I could be thoroughly searched up and down and was asked to reveal my bandage. The security officer was pretty impressed with my fatty leg and I was like, careful… don’t get too close- its got sharp teeth and bites. Anyway, I was released after they were convinced I was not concealing any heroin in my fatty leg bandages.

The next faux pas that I made was at the Taxi line in Paris. Basically I got sucked in by an UBER driver that he was a legitimate Taxi (and all the others ‘didn’t service the inner Paris area’), and when in his taxi he proceeded to tell me it cost 70 euros to go to my accommodation. Normally it costs maximum 35 euros so I made him pull over and jumped out and found a proper taxi which did indeed cost only 35 euros. What a tourist! (Good thing I have been here a few times and know the prices!)

So tonight is just a quiet night at home by myself. My husband is at home in the South of France with the kids (mother-in-law is there helping too)… and I’m just pretty darn excited to have a full nights sleep for the first time in weeks!

I just want to finish up this post by saying that although I seem pretty excited about the surgery, I’m still very level headed about it and not really sure what to expect. Any kind of improvement would be amazing because my leg is really at the stage where it’s feeling bad. Stretched, sore, heavy, tight skin, infections… I’m just totally over it and ready for something positive to happen down there instead.

Keeping you updated every step of the way as usual.