Insurance blow

Hey everyone,

Its so hard to get on here and blog with two little babies nipping at my heels all day! I’ve been wanting to share some news about the insurance coverage of my operation… not good news at all.

The VLNT operation costs around 15,000 euros in total which is broken down as follows:

5,000 euros= Surgeon fee

2,500= Anaesthetic fee

7,000 euros= 2 nights of hospital stay in the American Hospital in Paris.

(This does NOT include the two MRI’s I had done, both costing 600 euros… we only get back say 50% of those… plus all of the consultation fees (100 euros for the surgeon, then the anaesthetist, then the blood tests…)

Yes, THIS HOSPITAL IS EXPENSIVE! Seriously, the two nights stay (which also includes the operating theatre costs) is more than the actual surgeons fee. I better be getting some day-spa massage, complimentary butt wiping, manicure, pedicure, freshly made mint tea with that. Anyways, I have no choice- this is the only place I can have the operation done in France.

So originally we thought that our insurance would cover most of the operation and hospital stay. We had numbers flip back and forth, anywhere and everywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 euros to be reimbursed. We have a good private insurance in conjunction with our social security, so I thought it would be reasonably covered.

Long story short: we are being reimbursed a total of 3,000 euros. I’m devastated. It’s bad, really bad. I’m also extremely pissed off because the amount of tax we pay in France to cover social security costs is enormous– and to be reimbursed like, nothing, is disgusting! There is an element also of “something isn’t right” because I’ve spoke to two other women who have had THREE separate operations by the same doctor… and I have no idea how they could afford such amounts of money. I was told by a friend the other day that its based on your income and works basically like this- the more you earn, the more tax you pay… The less you earn, the less tax you pay… The more you earn, the less you get back from social security… The less you earn, the MORE you get back from social security. SOCIALISM BABY! Coming from Democratic Australia to a Socialist French Nation really breaks my non-existent balls OFTEN!

To have to come up with 12,000 plus in cash is beyond us, like most people. We are actually selling our car to ease the financial burden, plus cutting back on other things to compensate. No vacation this year! Which of course is worth it… its my health, my future, my life.

Anyways, just a little update on that side of things (which is the hardest thing really about these Lymphedema operations… otherwise I’m sure everyone would be doing them).

Let’s keep marching forward!… xoxo


Loving these flowy pants to hide the lymphie leg…