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Hey everyone! The blog is up and live! Please check out my About page to learn about my Lymphedema story so far.

I’ll start my first blog post with the initial appointment I had with Professor Corinne Becker in Paris, to discuss surgical options for my leg.

My first meeting with Prof. Becker went very well. She was extremely down to earth, funny, easy to talk to and not at all like most surgeons (who possess minimal human interaction skills in my experience). I immediately felt comfortable with her- which I think is really important for us lymphies because its much more than a matter of health for us. It’s personal. It’s emotional. It’s mentally hard for us to accept that this bad boy “Lymphedema” has moved into out body and can’t be evicted. It’s like the tenant from hell! I felt like she understood me… and that meant a lot.

Prof. Becker assessed my leg, took measurements and looked at my MRI scans. She explained that a VLNT would be the best option for me and would involve taking some lymph nodes from under my breast/ back region and implanting them just above my knee. She said that even though the results are not guaranteed, I could potentially have some good results. Any results are fine with me!

Normally Prof. Becker likes to see people a second time before committing to surgery because she doesn’t want to force people into any decisions (again, this is very commendable of her)… But I explained to her that I had made my decision ages ago and that it wasn’t actually a choice, I need to have this surgery because there is no choice! It’s either manage it for the rest of my life, watch it get worse (like it’s doing now) and worry about whats to come in the future OR take action early. She agreed, saying that it’s true what I had just said.

So the good news is that it’s all booked in and going ahead: 17th May 2016. Vascularised Lymph Node Transfer coming right up(with fries on the side please).



Professor Corrine Becker, France: http://www.lymphoedemacenter.com/